Heaven Chinese Restaurant

Hotel specially hired Guangdong chefs to serve guests in Heaven Chinese Restaurant, in which you can enjoy cantonese cuisine and delicious seafood in our restaurant.
Specialty: Sea food and poultry in casserole,Health soup.

Tel: (0931) 8532888 ? 2266
Operation?11:30 ? 14:30 17:30-22:00
Capacity : 300 pax

Feixian Restaurant

Feixian western restaurant offers continental and Western cuisine, as well as buffet breakfast and dinner.

Tel: (0931) 8532888 ? 2299
Capacity : 100 pax

Feng Wei Ge

Feng Wei Ge Restaurant offers many kinds of local flavor.Seafood porridge-style hot pot and Sichuan cold dishes are very popular.You can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines.

Tel: (0931) 8532888 ? 2255
Operation?11:30 ? 14:30  17:30-22:00
Capacity : 187 pax